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Steam Cleaning In Queens and Brooklyn

Steam Cleaning

Annex Construction is a construction contractor company based out of New York City. We also provide services in Brooklyn steam cleaning. Our services are not limited to home; we also offer construction and remodeling services for offices and other commercial buildings. We provide a range of services for interior and exterior parts of a building. 

All of our staff is in-house. We have a team of professionals from various fields who are adept at handling all client requirements.

Steam Cleaning Services

Among the various services that we offer, steam cleaning is one of them. We provide steam cleaning for cleaning carpets. This method of cleaning involves using steam to remove dirt and debris. 

There are other methods of cleaning a carpet. However, they require a long time to clean the carpet thoroughly. The benefit of having your carpet steam cleaned by Annex Construction is that you can have it cleaned in less time. Moreover, steam cleaning removes stains and makes them fresh. However, if a client requires shampoo washing for a carpet or any other method, our staff can get it done as well.

We understand that with kids and pets, a carpet gets dirty quickly. It absorbs stains quickly and requires a lot of effort to clean. But with our services, you do not have to look elsewhere because we have the requisite skills and equipment to clean your carpet. 

Apart from removing dirt, steam cleaning is also necessary for removing bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that can prove to be harmful to you and your family. Hence, if your carpet is dirty and has not been cleaned in a long time, you should hire the services of Annex Construction to clean it. You can have it cleaned in very little time, and that too at an affordable cost.

Why hire Annex Construction services?

Annex Construction has been in the contracting business for many years. We have a team of professional engineers and architects who have been working in the construction business for a long time. Moreover, they are experienced and have the requisite skills. 

Annex Construction offers repair, renovation, renovation, and maintenance services. We provide a range of services for interior and exterior services, including masonry work, bricklaying, waterproofing, floor installation, etc. Hence, we have the expertise to deal with all sorts of client requirements. 

In addition to this, our staff is trustworthy. You have our guarantee in this since we perform background checks on all our employees before hiring them. We also offer consultation services. So if you can get an idea regarding our services. You can also avail of a free estimate on the cost of our services. 

We believe that our services are reasonable and fairly priced. Moreover, we make our package according to the requirements of the client. It helps us in retaining clients while providing them quality services.

If you are looking for more information about steam cleaning or other services we offer, please get in touch with us. One of our representatives will reach out to you.

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