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We offer services of Exterior in Jamaica NY to complete remodeling of your home. From painting and tile work to complete basement, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, we’ll get your project done right. We offer top quality work at very affordable prices. We are a company that you can trust, we work hard towards customer satisfaction.


At Annex Construction, we offer various services for the maintenance, repair, and painting garage. Our team is adept at remodeling the garage area as well.


Water can damage the foundation of a building. During floods, the situation is made even worse. Hence, waterproofing the exterior walls of your building is essential for the safety of the building. Waterproofing professionals, such as Annex Construction, provide foundation repair to repair cracks in the foundation. Moreover, we also ensure that mildew and mold do not grow.

Waterproofing helps in increasing the strength of the foundation for commercial as well as residential buildings. We provide exterior wall waterproofing services and exterior basement waterproofing.


Annex Construction provides roof inspection services to ensure that the roof is in working condition. Roofing services include roof repair, maintenance, and replacement. Annex Construction also installs a new roof for its clients. There are several options for roofing material, which include rubber roofs, shingles, metal roofs, etc. Using quality material is essential to ensure a sturdy roof. Hence, at Annex Construction, we only use top-of-the-line material.


We provide stucco inspection and repair services. Homes with a stucco often face problems related to moisture build-up. Stucco damage can cause a build-up of moisture on the interior walls of the house. Hence, we provide inspection services to identify areas that require repair.

Cement Work

Annex Construction deals with cement work for repairing the foundation, construction of sidewalks, repairing waterproofing, etc. In addition to this, we provide cement work for the patio, backyards, pool deck, etc. Moreover, you may require cement work for the interior of the building.

Brick Work

Brickwork is an essential component in almost all remodeling and construction projects. Whether you require waterproofing services, brick restoration services, cement work, brickwork is necessary. 

The staff at Annex Construction provides brickwork for building and repairing sidewalks, chimneys, laying stone, etc. In addition to this, we provide brickwork for gardens and backyards as well. We also offer a brickwork pattern layout.

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