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We also provide renovation services for homes and offices to ensure that they keep up with the construction standards. Clients get to consult with our architects regarding the design. Once it has been finalized, the team proceeds with the construction. We provide renovation for the entire building as well as some parts of the building. 

In addition to this, we can also remodel your backyard and front yard as per your requirement. You can have a backyard or patio installed. Our staff is also adept at the installation of a deck in your backyard. Hence, we deal with various remodeling and renovation requirements of the client.

Drywall installation

Apart from other interior services, we also provide drywall installation services. If your drywall is in bad shape, our staff can replace it or fix it, depending on its condition. When it comes to installing the drywall, our team is careful to ensure that it does not damage the wall underneath. They also make sure to install the drywall safely.


In addition to this, we also offer plumbing services. These include repair, installation, and general maintenance. Moreover, our staff replaces fixtures and pipes in bathrooms and kitchens, as per the requirement of the client.


The electrical services we offer include general maintenance, such as repairing HVAC systems, circuit breakers, fans, and appliances. The electricians at Annex Construction are experienced and are skilled. We ensure that they have the requisite skills in dealing with all sorts of electrical repairs.

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Steam Cleaning

The staff at Annex Construction also provides steam cleaning services. Steam cleaning is a technique for cleaning carpets. It can help remove stains on the surface and makes your carpet look like a new one again. 

Our staff is experienced in using the steam cleaning equipment and ensures that the carpet is not damaged. With steam cleaning, you do not have to worry about drying. Hence, our staff can have your carpet cleaned in a couple of hours.






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Water Heaters

Food Disposals

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